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Published 02 June '21 | 15H00

  • As we are all aware the third wave, is in motion, so can we all be reminded to keep our distance, ware our masks, and remember to register when entering the club at all times – Please provide Full Name and Surname, as this is a requirement, under the Covid-19 Rules.
  • Mixed league has come to an end, well done to all those that committed themselves to the season, it is always appreciated. To the selectors, well done! While we are still awaiting confirmation, I can confirm that our ladies Mixed B side will be moving up a league, as they finished second by 1 point over Constantia, and to our Mens Doubles A side (our Top young players) finishing tied first on points, but Runner up overall. To the rest of the teams you are all safe.
  • Social Saturdays – Mens and Ladies (A & B Streamers) are back in play from 1pm through to 5;30 pm.
  • As usual please adhere to the time slots for the Vets on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons | the Morning Ladies (B Streamers) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings | Our Ladies (A Streamers) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings | the Tuesday and Thursday evening Social for Men and Ladies (A Streamers).
  • There will always be courts available for booking during and outside of these time slots for social play.
  • The FHTC 2021 Annual General Meeting is going to be held on Saturday 10th July 2021 AT 13H30pm, in the Moth Hall situated next to our entrance gate. 

Interested in Joining the Club?

Welcome to Fish Hoek Tennis Club, one of Cape Town’s oldest and largest tennis clubs with some 200 active members. Our club has 6 tennis courts, all recently resurfaced between 2019 and 2020, with two of these having floodlights.

The Club’s annual financial year runs from 1st June until 31st May of the following year. Annual subscription fees are determined at the Annual General Meeting each year. New adult members are required to pay a once-off joining fee (currently set at R550 per adult) on being accepted as members. In addition the club applies a range of different annual subs that are payable for the different categories of members. Discounts are offered to family members and older members.

(1 June ’20 to 31 May ’21)
(NB new adult members are required to pay a once-off joining fee of R550-00)

  • Senior ———— R1175-00
    (must be over 65 years old on 1 June and have been a member for at least 10 years)
  • Over 70 ———– R1175-00
    (on 1 June)
  • Ordinary ——— R1470-00 – Full
  • Ordinary ——— R1325-00 – Full (Family Member)
    (ie over 18 on 1 June)
  • Country ———- R875-00
    (home address is outside Cape Town
  • Student ———- R610-00
  • Student ———- R550-00 (Family Member)
    (ie over 16, still studying but with no income)
  • Junior ———– R235-00
  • Junior ———– R215-00 (Family Member)
    (ie between 11 & 16 on 1 June)
  • Junior-Parent – R550-00
    (Per Parent wanting to knock with their child be under the age of 11 on 1 June)
    NB!! Please provide an application form for the Junior’s U11 as well.
  • Temporary —– R165-00 per/month
    (2 – 3 months Maximum Only no joining fee required)
  • Social ———— R175-00
    (ie non-playing members)


Visitors pay a fee of R30 per person.

Our Club

Access to the club is generally open most days, due to the amount of activity that goes on. The club provides ablutions and shower facilities for both genders, as well as kitchen facilities, which are used by all, and when open, a licensed bar, managed by Jeff, where drinks and snacks are available for purchase.

Many Saturday afternoons and into the evening are enjoyed  by all, including the regular Braai or Potjie, usually looked after by our dedicated Braai Master.

Social Tennis

Social Tennis is enjoyed by all throughout the week, however on Saturday afternoons (starting @ 13H00), members and visitors rotate between games, thus meeting and socialising with other members. Balls are provided.

Social Mid-Week Players, enjoy having access to a number of courts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings between 08H00 to 12H00.

Our “A-streamers” usually occupy the courts in the following ways;

  • Ladies – Tuesday and Thursdays between 08H00 to 13H00.
  • The Men’s Veterans section (for over 50 A streamers) play on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 13h00 until 16h30
  • Men’s and Ladies Section – from 16H00 too late in the evening.

League Tennis

Ladies morning league

Matches are played Thursday Mornings from September through to early November and also from late February to early April

08H00 to 13H00

Cape Town Tennis league

(Singles / Doubles / Mixed as well as Vets)

Matches are played on Saturday afternoons generally from Late August through to mid November and also from late February to early April.

Matches start at 13H15


Members or visitors who play during the above pre-arranged times are expected to fit in with the group arrangements at the time even if they are visitors; private social play is unfortunately not permitted at these times but can be arranged at other times. Balls are provided by the club for play at these organized social play times; members must provide their own balls at other times.

Although Junior & Student members are welcome to play with the A streamers on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons (and many of the stronger players do so) they are also welcome to play at times other than the above (Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons as well as on Saturday mornings or all day on Sunday).

During the months that the formal Cape Town Tennis (formerly known as Western Province) ladies, men’s, and mixed Saturday afternoon leagues are in progress (generally Feb-April and Aug-Nov), the courts are reserved for league practice from 16H00 onwards on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Social play is accordingly only allowed if courts are free.


Our club has also engaged the services of a professional and extremely experienced coach, Kazeem Rasaki (Edge Tennis Academy). If you are interested in being coached, please feel free to contact him on 073 499 4149 to arrange private or group coaching sessions.

The 2020 Club Championships

The Club Championships started Saturday 10 October 2020, and came to a close on Saturday the 21 November 2020.

This was by far the best Club Champs ever held at Fish Hoek Tennis Club, including holding the first ever U12 event with 11 Juniors in the Singles and 10 (5 couples) in the Doubles. Thank you to the parents for supporting your children whom over 2 Saturdays, were put to the test where stamina and concentration was required to beat the best having to play Round Robins Matches from 08H30 to 12H00, an incredibly long days they were.

I would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors, helping us raise over R22k, providing us with Vouchers, Hampers, and the Club adding over R3k to the Cash prizes, all of which were spread over the 9 different categories of competition, as well as the U12 Juniors.

The 21 November was a fully packed day, that provided entertainment for all to enjoy, starting at 08H30 the passion and quality of tennis led to well contested matches that were an absolute pleasure to enjoy by all, and to those that missed it, well, apart from the Doubles Finals (camera man had play the back draw finals) all matches are available on the Fish Hoek Tennis club Facebook group. Please, too those that took pics, please upload.

Mens Singles

Men's singles (38 entries) - normal knockout format with back draw for 1st and 2nd round losers.

Mens Singles

Men's singles Back Draw

Mens Doubles

Men's doubles (19 couples) - normal knockout format with back draw for 1st and 2nd round losers.

Mens Doubles

Men's doubles Back Draw

Ladies Singles

Ladies singles (6 entries) - Round Robin format (first to get 8 games with 7 point tie break at 7-all). Top 2 play normal champs final

Ladies Doubles

Ladies doubles (6 couples) - Round Robin format (first to get 8 games with 7 point tie break at 7-all). Top 2 play normal champs final

Mixed Doubles

Mixed doubles (13 couples) - normal knockout with NO backdraw (although we are open to have one, time permitting)

Boys Singles

Boys Junior singles (13 entries) - we will be using an international u21 Round Robin format - 2 groups with each playing 5 sets of 4 games per set (with 7 point tie breaks at 2/2) and with the top two in each advancing to normal champs semis & final.

Boys Doubles

Boys junior doubles (7 couples) - we will be using an international u21 Round Robin format - 2 groups with each playing 5 sets of 4 games per set (with 7 point tie breaks at 2/2) and with the top two advancing to normal champs final.

Juniors Singles (U12)

Junior Singles / Doubles U12's (11 & 5 entries) - The Formats have been published, and the matches will. be played on the 14 and 21 November 2020 - Start time 08H30 in the morning.


1 June 2020 - 31 May 2021
Duke Metcalf
082 802 8656
Mike Jennings
079 692 7166
Maintenance Convenor
Jeff Lewis
073 310 8316
Mens Club Captain
Caradoc Lance
078 607 7607
Ladies Club Captain
Debby van Schoor
083 720 7755
Coach / Junior representative
Kazeem Rasaki
073 499 4149
Mon/Wed/Fri representative:
Sue Wilkes
078 878 6896
Tues / Thu ladies rep
Marisa Neville
079 603 8297
Men’s Veterans rep
Axel Duys
082 495 045
Additional member
Eddie Botes
061 407 1195



What must I do if I want to play

Fill in your indemnity form and your health screening form – DOWNLOAD HERE –  you can either email it to Caradoc (email provided below) or print it out and hand it in at the club. We should have forms there as well but this will cost you playing time!

For any Booking issues please contact Caradoc on 078 607 7607 or E-mail (info@fhtc.co.za) him the error and he will pass on to have rectified.

· Monday/Wednesday/Friday - morning group
· Tuesday/Thursday - morning ladies group
· Tuesday/Thursday afternoon - Men’s Vets group
· Tuesday/Thursday late afternoon - A Streamers
· Saturday afternoon social play - (all members)
(The club will provide the balls for these social play sessions)


Great, now that you have booked, what else

If you are not feeling well, please do not come to the club. Wearing a mask is mandatory when you arrive and when you leave. It is not necessary to play with a mask on. Enter the club grounds no more than five minutes before your court is booked to complete the pre-play protocols.

Your temperature will be taken. Fill it in on the printed register sheet along with your details and signature.
If your temperature is 38 or above, you will not be permitted access. Anyone accompanying you will also have to leave.
Sanitise your hands as you enter the court.
Each player is to bring their own balls and they must be marked.
Bring your own water, the club is closed.
Follow all the Covid-19 protocols that we have become accustomed to in recent months